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By: takebacklakewood | March 08, 2017

On January 9th we emailed the township committee a list of 16 ideas and suggestions that if enacted into ordinances could enhance the process related to development in a positive way. 

At the time, Mayor Coles responded thanking us for the suggestions saying that he will discuss them with the attorneys and with the committee. He re-assured us that he will 'take every one of them seriously'. Since then, we've kept track of what the township has and has not done to attempt to address these easy fixes. The results aren't too pretty. We emailed the Mayor for comment but he chose not to respond. 

The bolded portions below are our added comments as of March 8th. 2 months later have gone by and it appears that the committee has little inte...

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By: takebacklakewood | February 08, 2017

Last weeks meeting was rescheduled for Weds. Feb 15th at 7:30

Consent Agenda

(standard procedural resolutions that don't need 2 readings like an ordinance does):

#8 - Awarding contract for electronic billboards

#15 - At a recent meeting, the lawyer representing Cedarbridge Shopping Village (Gross) was hired by Lakewood Township to help with legal obstacles to get Vine St opened. (Yes LKWD TWP is paying the Cedarbridge lawyer for improvements to enable the mall to get approved). Now they are rescinding his contract and hiring a different lawyer for Vine St.

#17 - Referring an amendment to zoning regulations to the planning board for review. A hotel was recently approved on Route 70 in the B-5 zone. Subsequently they realized that the B-5 says ...

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By: takebacklakewood | January 19, 2017

1) Tonight at 7:30 PM there will be a township committee meeting. They start on time and the public portion begins right at the beginning of the meeting. The meetings usually last just one hour.


There will likely be a significant crowd there addressing many important topics including the planned shopping center in Cedarbridge, and the mayoral manipulation. Please attend if possible as there will likely be a lot of exciting action!

The meeting will be streamed live starting at 7:30 PM and can be accessed in this post if you return here at 7:30.

2) An item on the agenda for a first reading reads:

Ordinance Of The Township Of Lakewood, County Of Ocean, State Of NewJersey, Adopting The Updated Township Personnel Polices And Procedures Man...

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By: takebacklakewood | January 12, 2017

Here's the full Garzo complaint filed on December 22nd 2016 against Township of Lakewood, Menashe Miller, Tom Henshaw (Township Manager), Erez Holdings LLC, Erez Holdings Urban Renewal LLC and Cedarbridge Development LLC.

Garzo lays claim to 262 parcels in Lakewood Township that he inherited from his aunt that he claims were fraudulently foreclosed upon by Township of Lakewood. In 2016 there was a settlement agreement made to pay Garzo for his properties which was eventually withdrawn by the Township of Lakewood. 

The suit includes 11 charges: Fraud,Misrepresentation, Breach of Contract, Breach of the Implied Covenant of Good Faith and Fair Dealing, Civil Conspiracy, Slander ofTitle, Quiet Title, Conversion, Violations of N.J.S.A. 4:17 ...

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By: takebacklakewood | January 09, 2017

The below was just emailed to the Township Committee, Township Manager, the  attorneys for the Township Committee and both boards and the board administrators. We look forward to positive dialogue with them addressing most if not all of these matters. 

To Mayor Coles, the committeemen and board professionals:

I know you are all busy and not necessarily aware of all that goes on at the planning and zoning boards. Many many people have been contacting us sharing constructive ideas. While observing hundreds of hours of videos of the meetings, we have noticed certain matters that seem to keep coming up as problems. Often the boards dismiss them saying that it is the township committee's ordinance that needs to be addressed. We've s...

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By: takebacklakewood | January 01, 2017

This coming week - 
Monday January 2nd:
11:00 - Reception at the Municipal Building 231 3rd St. 
12:00 Township Committee Re-organization meeting
Who will the mayor be in the end? Will there be a unanimous vote as there always is? 
Who will be appointed to the Planning Board to fill the retired Chairman's seat? 
Who will the new appointees to the Planning and Zoning Boards be?
Will we hear words of wisdom from our committeemen at the meeting on how they intend to respond to the calls of the public?
What will the new mayor say as to his plans for the current year?

There will be people there publicly questioning the reasons behind Mike Delia's mysterious change of mind on wanting to be mayor. As of now it is u...

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By: takebacklakewood | December 22, 2016

There will be a Township Committee meeting at 3:00 PM today Thursday December 22nd. While it is difficult to attend in the middle of the day, if you are able to, please come to the meeting. Remind the Committeemen that while the public has been making their voice heard for the past few months, some on the committee have done nothing to even attempt to fix some of the problems that concern everyone. 

  • Tell the Committee that we want Mike Delia to be the mayor as previously planned. 
  • Tell the Committee that we actually want them to do something in the coming year to fix the planning and zoning boards and that we want them to work with the community to pass ordinances that will fix some of the faulty ordinances that are being abused by developer...

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By: takebacklakewood | December 04, 2016

There was a large crowd of residents who attended and spoke up at the township committee meeting last week. I strongly encourage you to watch from 12:45 through 1:11:00 where many residents gave excellent speeches discussing the problems being caused to Lakewood by overcrowding. 


The township committee must have surely figured out by now that the residents of Lakewood are upset and frustrated. What are they doing about it?? It's time for them to take the reins on this and fix the planning and zoning board and pass ordinances to enhance some of our laws as well as restrict the games that are currently being played!!

More and more residents have attended meetings, courageously gotten up and questioned ...

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