By: takebacklakewood | December 07, 2017

At the Township Committee meeting tonight, 3 committeemen made the decision to drastically decrease the quality of life for all of Lakewood's residents. 

After their attempt to make the Master Plan even worse than it is already was caught and halted, they slunk back and put together an  ordinance that matches the Planning Boards Master Plan with no explanation for why they tried to sneak in bad changes. 

Regardless, the Master Plan is still a disaster for Lakewood. It will add thousands of houses to already congested roads. It is the exact opposite of what Lakewood needs right now. 

While Lichtenstein wisely stayed away from the meeting, numerous OPRA requests show that he had a heavy hand in influencing the Master Plan....vihameivin yavin. 

Akerman wisely chose to vote for what the residents of Lakewood want. 

Coles, Delia and Miller. I have no kind words for them. They all know 100% that this is a terrible Master Plan and yet they all voted for it because Aaron Kotler has commanded them to. Though Delia squirmed visibly, he meekly voted yes since he was told by his handlers that he must do so. This plan is directly against the interest of the residents of Lakewood but the powerful connected developers have stolen the ears of the township committee and the regular simple residents have been completely ignored. 

They claim that there are differing views and that some want density and some don't. Over the course of the last year, at dozens of public meetings, hundreds of people spoke up against density. a small number of people spoke in favor of density. We have tracked and reviewed those meetings and have discovered that every single speaker who spoke in favor of increased density was either a builder, developer, family member of a developer or someone in the industry that profits from increased development. 

This Master Plan is the brainchild of Aaron Kotler in conjunction with the developers. Unfortunately for him, it will be the undoing of Lakewood as Imperial Realty is now heavily advertising on Brooklyn begging NY residents to move here. As that happens, the influence that he has on Lakewood is steadily weakening. 

Tonight will go down in infamy. Remember Coles, Delia and Miller. As you sit in traffic - remember that it's THEIR fault. Remember this when Miller is up for re-election this year. 

Today is the day that the Township Committee has told the people of Lakewood that they don't care about them!!!

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