By: takebacklakewood | April 02, 2019

On Tuesday April 2nd the Planning Board will hear the Eagle Ridge Application. As reported in the APP, the Planning Board has struggled to find non-conflicted members willing to vote on it.

Much ink has been spilled on this topic and yet it seems fait accompli that this will get approved on Tuesday night. 

Keep in mind, the path for this hs been a long while in the making. 

When the Master Plan was being formulated, a certain committeeman who has ties to Eagle Ridge's ownership was instrumental in guiding the initial foundations of the plan. The Committeeman owns a Property Management company that does work for GDMS Holdings and Saul Mizrachi. A lawsuit filed against the Master Plan alleges that the entire Master Plan was tainted with an eye toward giving Eagle Ridge the ability to build this very application. 

It was all done very craftily. The Master Plan appeared to cover all bases. Traffic improvements must come first and only then will there be increased density. Unfortunately, as was predicted at the time, the traffic improvement portion was struck down and the zoning changes remained. This too, was part of a carefully orchestrated chain of events. Then, the Township made sure not to fight the lawsuit with full force ensuring that the provision was overturned with little fuss. 

One item that seemed kind of vague was: It is well known that the Committeman does work with Mizrachi. What was not very clear, is how Mizrahi is connected with Eagle Ridge. While the entire matter of planning board conflicts and all of the talk has been of the MIzrachi connection to Eagle Ridge, he was pretty careful to keep his name off of the record here. 

Does GDMS stand for:  Giodano, Dudi, Mizrachi, Sternstein? See this email in the CAFRA Application

CAFRA Application

We identified 3 places where his name was found to be identified with Eagle Ridge despite his attempts to hide it. 

1) On 12/18/18 the Administrative Plan Review meeting was held. In the handwritten notes of the meeting taken by Ally Morris, she notes on the bottom that the 6 attendees were: 

Terry (Board Engineer)
Ally Morris (Board Adminstrator)
John Jackson (Board Attorney)
BSF (Lyin Brian)

John Palus (Applicant Engineer - Dynamic)

and..... Saul Miz!

Meeting notes

2) When Dynamic Engineering's John Palus sent a letter to the Planning Board adressing engineering maters, he made sure to CC Saul Mizrachi on the report.  See the full letter here

Engineer letter to Planning Board

3) The plans submitted show MIZ Construction

See full plans here

Plans showing MIZ

All we can say, is that it's a darn shame that the entire Lakewood was duped by this plan and will now have to suffer with the traffic nightmare that will ensue.

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