By: takebacklakewood | October 04, 2017

Video of the Meeting

Breaking News:

In what can only be described as a tremendous win, many significant changes occurred tonight at the Planning Board.

The Board did NOT vote to approve the plan tonight as is (much to the consternation of JF, Y.H,  Mayor Coles, ML and AK). JF and YH came all ready to approve the plan as is with no changes and they refused to allow the public to speak. Their attempt at a motion died when no one else went along with it. 

Chaos and confusion reigned as motion after motion was made and withdrawn. Follman asked many strong pointed questions forcing the board to see the folly of the current draft of the plan. When the Professional Planners were asked point blank - How many units would this Master Plan add - 5,000....20,000..etc. they had no answer because they have no clue!! They were repeatedly asked why they are adding increased density when it's clear that we don't have the infrastructure. 

Finally, after several hours, the board decided that there will be drastic amendments to the plan and a special meeting will be held on October 25th to review the final draft and vote on it. 

  • The recommended R7.5 (high density duplexes) areas were ALL changed to R-12 which is single family houses on larger lots
  • Shuls with catering halls and schools with dorms will no longer be an automatic approval in all zones!!
  • None of the proposed changes will go into affect until Cross, Massachusets and Pine are dualized and the Route 9 lane restriping is completed!!!
  • Eagle Ridge will be restricted to either seniors, or to an R-12 (not as previously requested for high density duplexes). 

This is what winning looks like. Everyone must give credit to the multiple board members who stood up to JF and YH and forced these significant changes. 

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