By: takebacklakewood | January 21, 2018

On January 12, 2018, a lawsuit was filed in Ocean County Superior Court against the Lakewood Township Committee, Lakewood Planning Board and GDMS Holdings. 

In the lawsuit, many facets of the Master Plan are dissected and attacked. 

The involvement of Meir Lichtenstein with both his clients who are principals of GDMS and the Master Plan which handed many developers around town and GDMS a permit for increased density is called into question.  

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Posted on : January 25, 2018

May the entire master plan committee be sued and charged for their
dishonesty and corruption and the chillul Hashem they have caused by not
giving a crap about YOU and your needs and instead just care about their
own pockets and$$$$$$ lining it from builders. <br />
<br />
R&quot;L frum yidden following in the corrupt ways just like Hillary
Clinton. Never thought frum yidden could stoop so low <br />
<br />
All of them should be locked up or at least resign immediately from
their jobs

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