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By: takebacklakewood | March 05, 2017

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As previously reported here, for many years the township committee rezoned  areas as requested by developers to both allow residential in non residential areas (Industrial park etc) and to allow higher density residential (multifamily, duplex, changing zones). They also changed parts of zones allowing office buildings on County Line, Shopping Centers in Cedarbridge and more.  

While we were originally looking at a list of 20 ordinances from 2005-2015, we've now expanded that list to 50 ordinances from 2005-2016. We are in the process of confirming exactly which ordinances required notice and did not send notice therefore depriving the township committee of jurisdiction to make the zoning change. 

We are beginning to raise funds for litigation. The first step involves going through each of the ordinances to determine which ones were indeed faulty notices and can be included in the lawsuit. Once we have a defined list we will clearly delineate what we can accomplish with our litigation. This has far reaching implications for Lakewood. Just a few of the areas this could impact are: Oak Street, Cedarbridge, County Line, Flea Market, Eagle Ridge Gold Club, Industrial Park, HD zones all along Route 9/River Ave etc. In addition to this, many zones were changed all over town that are too numerous to list. 

A successful lawsuit would have far reaching ramifications and would drastically reduce density all over town. Even projects that were already approved by the zoning and planning boards could be reversed based on the lack of jurisdiction due to the faulty zoning changes. While the planning and zoning board may have approved thousands of houses in these areas, we have the ability to nullify those approval and change the zoning map drastically! Reading through old township committee closed session minutes, were were shocked to see how for years the township committee changed zones as requested by developers to allow higher density. Once upon a time there was a normal zoning map. Unfortunately, that map has been corrupted and twisted by influential people and is now a terrible zoning map that needs to be fixed. 

See here for a zoning map so that you are aware of the zones in your area that may have been affected. See the full ordinance PDF files here

Please join the efforts here: 

Donation can be made 100% anonymously. On the first page under your name there is an option to 'hide my name'. That will keep your donation 100% anonymous. On the bottom of the first page, they try to add an extra donation to their site. Remember to go in and edit that to a different amount and keky in $0. 

Here is the full list of ordinances. 

Township Committee Zoning Ordinances 2005-2016
2005-111 - New Conditional Use Req. - Age Restricted Multi-Family
2005-77 - R-40 Affordable Housing
2005-94 - R-20 R-40 Clustering
2005-95 - R-15 Clustering
2005-96 - New Zone B-6
2006-29 - New Zone CLP
2006-38 - New Permitted Use in ROP - MultiFam and Townhouses
2008-12 - New Conditional Use in B-6 - Mixed Use Mid-Rise Dev
2009-19 - Replacing Single Family on Undersized Lot
2009-28 - Single Family on Vacant Undersized Lot
2009-40 - ROP Changes
2009-45 - New Permitted Use in M-2 - Residential
2009-53 - New Permitted Use in RM - Planned Educational Campus
2010-22 - New Use in R-10 and R-7.5 - Duplexes
2010-29 - New Use in HD-6 - Duplexes 
2010-61 - New Conditional Use Requirements - Duplexes HD-7 
2010-78 - New Permitted Use in the R-M - Duplexes 
2011-11 - New Permitted Use in B-1 - Parking Lots
2011-17 - New Conditional Use in B-5 - Mixed Use Townhouse Development
2011- 3  - New Permitted Use in B-6 - Waste Recycling
2011-40 - New Permitted Use in HD-6 - Parking Lots
2012 -4 - New Conditional Use - Auto Repair Services
2012-52 - New Conditional Use in B-5 - Mixed Use Multi-Family
2013-16 - New Permitted Use in B-6 - Residential Uses per B-1
2013-18 - New Permitted Use in ROP - Duplexes
2013-30 - ReZone One Lot R-20 to B-5
2013-31 - New Conditional Use in B-5 - Mixed Use Development
2013-40 - ReZone M-1 to R-20
2013-49 - B-6 Permitted Uses Changes
2013-58 - ReZone to R-10A
2013-59 - New Zone Hospital Support
2013-60 - ReZone to Airport Business Commercial
2013 -7  - New Permitted Use in B-6 - Warehousing
2013-74 - Residential Uses in HD6 and HD7
2013-79 - Commercial Uses on County Line Road
2014-13 - Residential Rezoning near Hospital
2014-20 - Oak Street Core Neighborhood Overlay Zone
2014-32 - ROP Auto Sales
2014-44 - Eminent Domain Block 831 832
2014-47 - ReZone NewHampshire & 70
2014-51 - Oak Street Core Neighborhood Overlay 2
2014-8   - Duplex Conditional Use Requirements
2015-30 - R-40 Cluster setbacks
2015-35 - New Zone R-40B
2015-61 - Oak Street Corridor Improvement District
2015-66 - Cedarbridge Redevelopment Area
2016-30 - Site Plan Exemptions for previous site plans and uses
2016-34 - R-10A Coverage
2016-40 - Oak Street Core Residential Development
2016-43 - Oak Street Corridor Improvement District

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Posted on : March 06, 2017

yeyasher koach! (donation recently given).

Binyomin Beinish

Posted on : March 05, 2017

Donated $180! Thanks for all you do for our town it's the smallest way I can pay you back!

The Simcha room coffee drinker

Posted on : March 05, 2017

How about the corner of main street and Clifton? <br /> <br /> Will there really be a park in the old public works land? Has it already been rezoned for tenement buildings?

Harold herskowitz

Posted on : March 05, 2017

It&#39;s time every neighborhood realize none of us are immune .Now that a development is going for approval on West County line ,the 14th Street area.is upset. If they get it denied they will be satisfied . But this can&#39;t go on anymore. As long as developers think they can change zones at their will we will not be safe in any neighborhood. This lawsuit could put an end to fighting each project as it comes for approvals. One developer gets approvals for a large project, while a small builder may get rejected on the same block. Let&#39;s bring back fairness for all.<br /> Thank you TBL<br /> One day you will come out of the shadows and we will honor you in town hall for all you did.


Posted on : March 05, 2017

How anybody can sit idle while this corruption destroys our quality of life is dumbfounding! <br /> Thank you TBL for your efforts. We are in age of the people standing up to corruption and truly making a difference. If we all band together Lakewood will be no different


Posted on : March 05, 2017

Great work. We needed tbl years ago!


Posted on : March 05, 2017

The oak street corridor is going to make a terrible traffic situation into something even worse (if that&#39;s possible). We have to do everything we can to reverse it.

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