By: takebacklakewood | October 25, 2017

The Planning Board voted to approve the Master Plan with numerous changes.

While there were numerous positive changes made - this Master Plan will still go down as the cause of major gridlock in the South Lakewood area.

Kudos to Follman for voting no. We are pleased that the end result is significantly better than the original plan and yet we know that this Master Scam will lead to thousands of houses and extreme congestion. At least we got major concessions & huge road improvement requirements.

Eagle Ridge (and other areas in R-40 zones of 100+ undeveloped acres) can have either senior housing (as currently allowed), or 3.6 units per gross acres.

The Cross area lot that has a campus ordinance approval for 300 units in apartment buildings will be allowed to build as an R7.5 which is a reduction from their existing approval.

Zoning changes only take affect after:

  • Add a turning lane to Route 9. 
  • Dualize Cross St. all the way to Route 9 
  • Dualize Massachusets
  • Dualize Pine
  • Dualize Prospect
  • Attempt to widen James St. from Sunset to Rt. 9 

Ensure that roads that are widened are at least a level C of traffic flow

Impact fees must be established in every zone in Lakewood before the zoning changes take affect. 

Establish Committee to look to improve circulation in Lakewood

The B5A zone in the Chestnut/Route 70 area should only be allowed to open to Route 70.  

What is most shocking, is that the Planning Board was in such a haste to get this passed (to please Ray Coles etc etc.) that they voted on a document that needs the above amendments before it;' finalized! Why not wait to see the final wording??

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