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By: takebacklakewood | September 03, 2017

Draft Master Plan Report

Here is the 326 page draft master plan document.

Here is a map showing all of the proposed zoning changes.

The Planning Board will hold 4 public hearings to discuss the Master Plan and eventually vote on either adopting it as is or sending it back to T&M with requested revisions. The final version will be sent to the Township Committee.

Tuesday, September 5, 2017 at 6:00.

Wednesday, September 6, 2017 

Tuesday September 12, 2017 

Wednesday, September 13, 2017  

The master plan is full of statements referencing a need for more housing to accommodate another hundred thousand residents which we all know is impossible. It uses an old mindset of a need to build more and more and doesn't recognize that we've reached capacity and need to slow it down now. We need to ask the Planning Board to scratch out all references to higher density or a need for more residential housing. We need to remove all of the zones that they are trying to rezone for increased density. 

The Planning Board has a choice. Blindly close their eyes and rubber stamp the report that will be the nail in Lakewood's coffin - or actually read the report and edit it to erase all of the falsities. It needs to be re-written by people who are NOT developers and their lackeys. Regular citizens in Lakewood see clearly that Lakewood needs a drastic decrease in density. Unfortunately, much of the board has already been bought out by special interests..... 

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Lakewood fan

Posted on : September 10, 2017

F.Y.I. They stuck in properties into the master plan, like this they don't have to go for approvals. Ex. Parts of the hearthstone park, the property between whyndom and high point


Posted on : September 07, 2017

Why is there no concern for the destruction of the environment. The thousands of Jersey Pines and scrub which are natural to the area have been clear cut, the water quality, the air quality and especially the taxpayers who have supported Lakewood for many years. The many cheaply built developments have taken no consideration for the new owners to even provide safety for the families.

Change the status quo

Posted on : September 05, 2017

I think it's time we start discussing who we should vote for in the upcoming election. The establishment candidates are too far gone to change. We need a massive turnout from all those left in the dudt time and time again. Enough is enough. Ad kan.

A future Vaad member

Posted on : September 05, 2017

Why should the vaad have to put the residents through agony time and again, scre.. them big time and get over with it.

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