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By: takebacklakewood | July 18, 2017

The long awaited Master Plan report is here! 

The Master Plan Committee is now sending their reports to the Planning Board. Per Justin Flancbaum, there will be several Planning Board meetings after Labor Day dedicated to reviewing the Master Plan reports in detail. 

Here are the Master Plan Reports on Density, Senior Needs and Downtown. 

In the report: 

Schools as  permitted use throughout Lakewood should remain intact. 

The Township Committee has passed an ordinance that schools are allowed anywhere in Lakewood since they are 'inherently beneficial'. That means that if a school wants to buy the residential house next door to you and build a school building with many busses etc, there is very little that you can do to stop it. Since a school is considered 'inherently beneficial', it's curious to note that whenever an application for high, density housing is being discussed, the applicant argues that if he is not approved, he'll build a school. It is said as a menacing threat and often gets the neighbors to begrudgingly support high density for fear of the threat of a school. We need to amend the ordinance and create specific school zones!

The 2007 Master Plan recommended 35 zoning changes but most of them were never enacted by the Township Committee as zoning changes. Now, the 2017 Master Plan draft recommends reaffirming all of the 2007 proposed changes. It's now 10 years later and our town is in substantially worse shape! Why are we reaffirming all of those old changes??

Many new changes were proposed in this Master Plan. The Committee threw a few bones by denying a few of the requests but then went on to suggest approving many of them!!

The grand Maser Traffic study report has been released and guess what?? There are no easy fixes! The fixes that they proposed will take decades and hundreds of millions of dollars to implement and even then would just barely make our current capacity more bearable. Increasing density in any capacity now is reckless and to the detriment of the entire town!

At the meeting tonight, hundreds of resident came out voicing vocal support for an end to zoning changes and to reduce density rather than increase it. Unfortunately, the board which contained many special interests - ignored the cries of the residents. 

Stay tuned for this September as the battle continues to the Planning Board. We need to rally our planning board members individually to resoundingly reject any attempts to increase density anywhere in Lakewood. 

Justin Flancbaum   justflanc@gmail.com (The key architect of this terrible plan)

Eli Rennert             emrennert@gmail.com
John Franklin          jjfranklin@optonline.net
Y Grunberger         ymegrunberger@gmail.com
David Hibberson   dhibberson@optimum.net
Yechiel Herzl         yherzl@yahoo.com

Louie Follman       lakewoodj2@aol.com

Y. Cautillo              ycautillo@msn.com
Angela Koutsouris  a.koutsouris@gaminglabs.com,

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chaim yankel

Posted on : July 23, 2017

Moshe thank you for speaking up.. what needs to happen for any real change to occur is we need to organize a taxpaypers vaad representing all neighborhoods in lakewood until that occurs not much will stand in the way of the politicians

Moshe Zeines

Posted on : July 18, 2017

I was at the meeting and I spoke. I questioned the committee why they are going to write in their report about the continued need for more housing in Lakewood.

Was the writer of this article at the meeting? Did he also speak?

Just reading and writing articles isn't enough. We need folks to show up and speak!

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