By: takebacklakewood | October 02, 2017

The Planning Board and Township Committee are desperate to get this passed ASAP but they won't explain why. They are scheduled for a vote Tuesday night October 3rd. They are hoping to obtain the State's approval termed as 'Plan Endorsement'.

So what's the rush?
Since no one in the Township will be upfront about it, we had to do a little digging.

The NJ State Planning Commission Lists Lakewood as Endorsed, but "No mapping until the PIA is addressed". That means that a conditional Plan endorsement was granted but until the Master Plan is completed and the ordinances enacted by the township committee, they won't obtain the coveted plan endorsement. 

We'll tell you a little secret - the is no 'need' to get plan endorsement!! This is all a scheme by developers as Plan endorsement will allow them to build much higher density in Cedarbridge and Eagle Ridge. 

In August 2017, a special State Planning Meeting was held for 1 purpose!! To give Lakewood an extension to their plan endorsement deadline. They were supposed to be done the Master Plan already to get Plan endorsement - and since they were behind, they were granted a 4 month extension to the end of 2017.

Justin Flancbaum has a clear conflict $$$ and may need to step off the board. Angela Zografos (Koutsouris) is not eligible for a seat on the board since she doesn't live in Lakewood.

 The other Planning Board members are highly divided - those who are voting no, and those who want to vote no but are afraid of repercussions... The Township Committee led by ML and our fearless Mayor (and behind the scenes those that give the real marching orders to the soldiers) are pressing hard to get this all rubber stamped ASAP despite heavy criticism and significant problems with the 'plan'. 

The State Planning Commission has just 2 meetings left this year and for some reason the 'developers and their friends on the committee' are putting heavy pressure to get this rammed through Tuesday night. 

This plan needs to be completely re-written by people who don't have conflicts and it needs to actually address the huge problem that Lakewood has dug itself into instead of exacerbating it!

Please continue to email the Planning Board members - they are extremely divided. On the one hand - they all know that this is a bad plan but on the other hand - the developers are so convin$ing!

In the meantime, the Petition is gaining steam and has over 500 signatures. 

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