By: takebacklakewood | November 22, 2017

The circus continues! At tonight's planning board meeting, the board pointed out that:

1) T&M clearly ignored their explicit instructions when writing up the final wording in the Master Plan

2)While T&M was finalizing the Master Plan, they were simultaneously drafting conflicting ordinances for the Township Committee!!

It became abundantly clear that the Township Committee will be passing ordinances that are NOT in line with the Master Plan just days after the Master Plan is finalized!

Amazingly, the most current finalized draft of the Master Plan consists of:

10/25 board motion as memorialized by T&M changes as amended with handwritten notes at the 11/22 board motion. The Master Plan on the Township site is outdated and there is currently only 1 copy of the pristine document with hand-scribbled notes in the hand of some 'professional' planner that is seeking to sabotage this whole process. 

This is an extreme slap in the face to the entire Lakewood! The residents of Lakewood and various committees and boards spent the last year investing time, effort and energy into the Master Plan. While we are not happy with the final product which does increase density in many areas (contrary to the township committee's commitment in 2016 here) , at least the Planning Board stuck in some key positive changes requiring numerous roads to be improved first, and creating impact fees in the entire Lakewood before the zoning changes take affect. However, the Township Committee in revealing their ordinances has explicitly gone against the critical recommendations of the Master Plan!

It is mind boggling that they think they will get away with voting on ordinances on December 7th that contradict the Master Plan - all aided and abetted by T&M!!

WHO IS T&M WORKING FOR?? Clearly not in the interests of the Planning Board. Clearly not in the interests of the residents of Lakewood!

There are 2 people on the Township Committee who are spearheading this all. Ray Coles and Meir Lichtenstein are strongly pushing to get the Master Plan rammed through and even then they will IGNORE the positive aspects of the Master Plan and just pass the density increases. This is a great time to be a client of MSL Management!

Stan Slachetka and Marty Truscott of T&M Associates have proven time and again that they will do whatever it takes to ignore the positive changes that the Planning Board is trying to implement since they have instructions form a higher power to get these zoning changes forced through. They are being highly compensated with our tax dollars and yet they are throwing away all common sense and the instructions of the Planning Board all to satisfy the person that is really controlling them (Yes, he who must not be named is heavily involved here). 

The Planning Board made a strong statement tonight to the Township Committee saying that they do NOT support the ordinances that the Committee will vote on December 7th since they do NOT conform with the Master Plan. 

Now we turn the the Township Committee. Will they really sell us all out now by voting on the ordinances that contradict the Master Plan? Do they take us all for fools?

The OPRA's that we've seen w ere just the tip of the iceberg! 

More to come as we untangle the web of lies and corruption that are seeking to wrest away any semblance of quality of life for Lakewood's residents.  

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