By: takebacklakewood | November 21, 2017

Thank goodness for OPRA!!

Download the below file and using the play by play below, read the tale of how the Township Committee is duping the Planning Board and perpetrating a huge scam on the Lakewood Community.

Tuesday night Nov 21st the Planning Board is slated to vote on the Final Master Plan. On October 25th they voted to 'approve' the Master Plan subject to numerous revisions. T&M then took the liberty to pick and choose what to implement in the final version which has not yet been voted on!! Whether or not the Planning Board agreed with the final document - they had no choice! In the Interim, the Township Committee has already voted on ordinances to implement the bad parts of the Master Plan without the good parts!!

Remember when Brian Flannery and T&M said that we need increased development to solve our traffic problem?? They explained that the impact fees generated by development will fix our roads.

Guess what? Although the Planning board voted to only allow zoning changes after the impact fees have been implemented in the entire town, and only after numerous changes were implemented including Route 9, the Township Committee ignored all that! The Board voted that we need Cross Street widened all the way to Route 9 and the Township Committee ignored that change! We'll be stuck with the bad parts of the Master Plan without the good!!! The board voted to improve all of Pine St and James and Prospect etc and the Board chopped those out!

The Township Committee is passing ordinances based on a Master Plan that is not yet done!!

Everyone's worst fears are being realized as we will have increased development with minimal improvement to our roadways!!

Page 1 - Flannery sends letter to Planning Board

Page 2 - Oct 13th - Changes to Master Plan sent to the Board

Page 3 - Why is the township using Gmail accounts?? We've seen emails with being monitored by Justin

Page 4  - Brian Flannery is excited to have the Master Plan approved so he can pick out the stuff he likes to justify more housing opportunities

Page 5 - Ally Morris summarizes the changed to T&M (who picks and chooses what they actually add into the final Master Plan)

Page 7 - Drafting Township Committee ordinances before the final Master plan wording is even written up

Page 8 - We passed the Master Plan but not the resolution. Huh?

Page 10 - Planning Board rightfully lacks confidence that T&M will correctly document their changes

Page 13 - October 31 and still no draft Master Plan...

Page 14 - Who DID engage T&M to draft the Master Scam??

Page 16 - Making sure the public can't comment at the 11/21 meeting

Page 18 - Draft Master Plan sent to Planning Board to comment

Page 20  -There is still no finalized Master Plan

Page 21 - November 7th and changes are still being made to Master Plan

Page 22 - Planning Township ordinances before the Master Plan is finished

Page 23 - TBL calling out the corruption

Page 24 - Board member submits comments on the Master Plan on November 8th

November 8th - Township Committee meets and votes on Ordinances approving the Master Plan (WHICH IS STILL NOT FINALIZED!!!)

Page 25 - Changes still being made

Page 29 - The OPRA which led to the release of these docs

Page 32 - T&M Refuses to answer questions from the public although we know they correspond with the connected developers

Page 34 - The Board was caught altering the agenda the morning after the election to add in the Master Plan ordinances

Page 36 - Nov 8th and still altering Master Plan

Page 37 - Nov 8th and a critical error was discovered and corrected! An old zoning map was being used!!

Page 40 - Meir Lichtenstein. Why is he involved??

Page 43 - Attorney and T&M (And Meir Lichtenstein!!) colluding to amend the Master Plan wording without Planning Board approval or request

Page 44 - Meir Lichtenstein again!!

Page 45 - 'Meir, as requested,...(again!!)  A conference call with Meir Lichtenstein scheming on the Master Plan

Page 47- Lichtenstein again!!

Page 48 - Lichtenstein yet again!!  'Ray, Meir asked...."

Why was Meir involved in the Master Plan?? This quote on his website may be the clue.

Why Developers choose MSL

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