By: takebacklakewood | September 13, 2017

Final Planning Board Master Plan meeting Wednesday night September 13th at 6:00


I'm reaching out to you at this critical last moment. After many meetings it's now extremely clear - the public in Lakewood does NOT want this!!!!

This is a one sided Master Plan that gives the developers all of the upside with only veiled hints at requests for better building standards.

Something to think about - when a single application comes to the board - a lawyer presents all of the angles, you weigh everything carefully and hear the neighbors before making a careful decision. 

With the Master Plan - none of you fully understand the precise implications of what you are being asked to approve.  
  • How many units are they asking you to approve?
  • What is the reason and source for each request?
  • Why are we looking to increase ANY density BEFORE the infrastructure is in place?? (Wait until AFTER all current traffic is resolved before considering any increases in density)
  • This Master Plan gives away ALL of your leverage to later require developers to make improvements since they will have 'by right applications'
  • The public has been vocally protesting this entire process for 8 months and they have been completely ignored!! WE the residents do NOT want this!!
It is crucial that you vote NO on the current draft. It must be sent back with the density portion completely re-evaluated by a board that is NOT composed of conflicts of interest (Glieberman/BMG, Pfeffer-Lawyer etc etc)

Whatever final draft you come back with should 
A) Have NO increases in density
B) Tie any changes to REQUIREMENTS that certain improvements are met (ie AFTER Cross is widened, THEN.....). 

For tomorrow night - you must vote NO!! In accordance with the wishes of all of the residents of Lakewood. 

Another KEY point - we keep hearing about how we NEED this Master Plan to get approved because we NEED Plan Endorsement. 

What is Plan Endorsement? Very simply - it allows developers to build even HIGHER density!!!
What happens if we DON'T get it? NOTHING!! Life will continue as before with NO harm done!!
That's right - if you simply choose to vote no to this flawed Master Plan and reject it outright, no harm will be done and we can continue on our merry ways as we have before. 

Aha - I caught your attention. You were mislead to believe that this MUST be approved because we NEED Plan Endorsement!! The entire objective of Plan Endorsement is to ease CAFRA regulations to allow greater building coverage (ie higher density). There is nothing good about that! 

This entire push to get the Master Plan to get Plan Endorsement is all (yes once again) contrived by Developers to increase density beyond societal norms!!
We are counting on you to do what you know in your heart is right.

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Posted on : September 13, 2017

There are 2 thoughts at the Lkwd Twp Committee &amp; the Vaad re: the master plan.<br /> <br /> Vote for it immediately, till election time, everyone forgets and there is plenty of time for damage control.<br /> <br /> Or wait till December, fix some minor issues then pass it.

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