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By: takebacklakewood | July 24, 2017

There will be a Planning Board public hearing on Tuesday July 25th at 6:00.

The meeting will be streamed live on the First Amendment Activist Channel here. See the official agenda here. See the official Planning Board link with all of the plans here


1. SP 2227 Yerek, LLC Airport Road Block 1160.01, Lots 242.01 & 242.02 Preliminary and Final Major Site Plan for warehouse storage units 

27 Office and Storage units in 3 32K SQFT buildings and 1 27K SQF building. Variances include, front yard setback, rear yard setback, maximum building coverage, no sidewalks, PARKING VARIANCE!!! 179 spots are required and only 136 are provided. 

2. SP 2238AA Shea Rosenfeld Hope Chapel Road Block 2, Lot 114 Change of Use/Site Plan Exemption to make temporary house of worship trailer into permanent house of worship 

3. SP 2172 Center 101, LLC Clifton Avenue Block 90, Lot 9 Preliminary and Final Major Site Plan for a five-story office and retail building 

5 story building (94K sqft) with no parking at NW corner of 1st and Clifton!!! See here for details on how the Township Committee allowed this to happen

4. SD 2067 Mark Moskovitz Central Avenue & Bradshaw Road Block 83, Lot 7 Extension of Minor Subdivision to create two lots 

5. SD 2129 Miriam Klein Miller Road Block 12, Lot 201 Extension of Minor Subdivision to create two lots

 6. SD 2266 Claire Drive, LLC Claire Drive Block 430, Lots 13-16 Minor Subdivision to create five lots 

Applicant failed to provide adequate legal notice for this project. This application will not be heard



• Resolution 2017-211 – Proposed Ordinance: New Zone, Riparian Buffer Conservation Overlay 

Resolution 2017-259 – Proposed Ordinance: Attic definition, and Habitable Attic definition and parking requirements 

Requiring that habitable attics be included in parking calculations. 

Resolution 2017-260 – Proposed Ordinance: – Parking Requirements for Offices in various sections 

Office buildings - 1 spot per 250 SQFT (previously 1 per 300)

• SP 2225 Yosef Notis, Block 284.06, Lot 23 – request for rear yard setback variance to accommodate rear stairway for emergency access 

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