By: takebacklakewood | September 14, 2017

At the 10/6/16 Township Committee meeting at minute 24:38, Mayor Miller made the following announcement:

“As far as I’m concerned – my message out there – I’m done with all the density – I’m done with any additional rezoning – as far as I’m concerned under my watch as the mayor there is not going to be any rezoning from this committee – I defer to the master plan committee – but I think the sentiment out there is that we’re at capacity. We’re really at capacity and I kind of agree with you.”

See also from minute 35:00 until the end where the committee voiced an opposition to further density in Lakewood.

At 39:30 a motion was unanimously passed instructing committeeman Akerman to send a letter to Justin Flancbaum instructing him as to how they would like the master plan be constructed. At the subsequent Township Committee Meeting, Committeeman Akerman was instructed to circulate this letter to all of the members of the Planning Board and the Master plan committee and subcommittees.

Take Back Lakewood has obtained the letter that was sent from A. Akerman 

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Posted on : September 18, 2017

Remember when Menashe promised to reinstate the rent control board? <br />
<br />
There are so many Remember When&#39;s for Menashe that it&#39;s pathetic!

A future Vaad member

Posted on : September 17, 2017

They&#39;ll pass the master-plan with some slight appeasement
modifications then retire with overstuffed pockets. Mark my words, I
have your back.


Posted on : September 17, 2017

Menashe says &#39;under my watch&#39;. That&#39;s why Ray is the Mayor now.


Posted on : September 15, 2017

When those 2 &quot;bopsy-twins&quot; see $$$$, they conveniently forget everything.<br />
<br />
They used to come cheap, now with inflation.....


Posted on : September 15, 2017

It was! Find the other clip where Coles was asked about the letter....


Posted on : September 15, 2017

Still not too late to throw it in his face. The master plan will be
coming before them (township committeemen) over the next few weeks for
approval. Now&#39;s the time to rub their noses in it. Not just Miller,
Coles, and Akerman - but Lichtenstein was also talking big about
&quot;they [master plan committee] are just an advisory board, the final
say is with us, don&#39;t worry, etc&quot;. Even Mr dumb &amp; dumber
D&#39;elia was talking about the need to clamp down (before he was
threatened and pivoted to &quot;needing to work with both sides&quot;).


Posted on : September 15, 2017

This should have been thrown in Cole&#39;s face when he wrote that
letter asking the Master Plan committee to put more density in it.

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