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By: takebacklakewood | March 06, 2017

While billboards may seem like yesterday's news, we just obtained incriminating documents that show that what looked like a simple change of mind in regard to billboards - goes a lot deeper. It speaks to whether the votes cast by the township committee are for the benefit of the residents of Lakewood, or for the benefit of the few elite. 

 In July 2013 resolution 2013-51 was passed allowing electronic billboards in Lakewood. In June 2014, resolution 2014-31 was passed repealed 2013-51 with no explanation given. 

On June 2, 2016, the Township held a closed bidding only for qualified bidders for 5 electronic billboards. While their intention was for TLS to win, things went sour when Elray Advertising from Brooklyn unexpectedly won the bid for $110,000. This was an unintended result of the bidding and TLS wanted the billboards as the ordinance was designed for them. Part of the contract required them to reserve 2 hours of advertising space for the township. 

Since this was not the intended result, something had to be done! A letter was sent from Attorney Michael Inzelbuch challenging the bidding process on several fronts. 

Download the letter here

At the June 16, 2016 township committee meeting, the township committee passed resolution 2016-271 rejecting the winning Elray bid due to the following reasons:

1)A legal challenge has been received from Michael Inzelbuch

2)The Township determined that it is not in the best interest of the residents of Lakewood to have billboards placed on Township roads!

Rejecting Elray's bid

A representative of Elray appeared at the meeting asking for the rejection to be postponed but his request was ignored and resolution 2016-271 was enacted. Elray's 10% deposit was returned. For those following at home, at this point, the bid is rejected and billboards were not allowed.  

Elray's request to salvage their bid

After all of this, you would think the matter had been put to rest. However, this is Lakewood where things are rarely simple. 

At some point, TLS apparently struck a deal with Elray where TLS would get rights to the Elray winning bid. However, the Elray winning bid had been revoked! On 2/15/17 an ordinance was on the agenda to rescind the rejection and thereby allow Elray's 2016 bid to remain. After many people complained, the ordinance was pulled from the agenda seconds before the vote. 

Re-allowing Elray's bid

This infuriated someone who had waited for so long to get their precious billboards. Magically, the resolution made its way onto the March 2nd agenda. At that meeting, Mayor Coles (from the famous TLS Ask the Mayor features) and Committeeman Lichtenstein (who you may recognize from other TLS articles such as this ) voted for the billboards while committeeman Akerman abstained. 

The question that remains is:

What happened to these 2 concerns???

1)A legal challenge has been received from Michael Inzelbuch

2)The Township determined that it is not in the best interest of the residents of Lakewood to have billboards placed on Township roads!

Did the legal concerns suddenly disappear? Did the township suddenly decide that billboard are in the best interest of the residents?

We think the answer is neither. The legal issues still stand. And the billboards are still not in the best interest of the residents of Lakewood. The only thing that changed is that 2 committeemen realized that the billboards were in the best interest of themselves. 

Enough said. 

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Posted on : March 08, 2017

What is RICO act?


Posted on : March 08, 2017

Really disgusting. How people have no embarrassment to do such things is mind boggling.


Posted on : March 07, 2017

Please research the background behind the oak street corridor approval, that would be even more interesting....

Chaim Tzvi

Posted on : March 06, 2017

Who's sending a link to this page to the FBI, NJS AG, OCPO?

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