By: takebacklakewood | February 08, 2017

WOW!!! In a historic low for censorship of the press....

Yesterday TLS was in heavy censorship mode and many people who posted comments against the spin article had their IP address blocked by TLS. People who posted our rebuttal on twitter found their twitter feeds blocked by TLS.

The one thing that he could not control was the likes and dislikes feature. There were many dislikes on each pro comment (90+) and many likes on each anti comment. This morning - the entire function of liking or disliking a comment was removed from the site entirely since that was the only way for TLS to pretend that everyone is happy with the interview. Hey if there are no dislikes then everyone must like it right??

This is a big part of the problem. With censorship being so heavy in Lakewood, many people are simply unaware of what is really going on......

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