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The Planning Board is currently enveloped in tremendous turmoil. This past Sunday was the Township's reorganization meeting. Earlier that day, 2 members who were prepared to be added to the Planning Board that evening - resigned before they were even appointed! 2 more members - Grunberger and Franklin - had resigned from the board but were dragged back into service due to the sudden lack of new people to fill the seats. They reluctantly attended the Planning Board meeting this week and are just waiting for new appointees so that their resignations can take effect.

Two new members were appointed to the Planning Board. Aaron Shain (who didn't attend his first meeting!!) and Chaim Sable (see here for more on him).

On Tuesday night, January 9th, the Planning Board met for their first meeting. They voted to re-appoint Herzl as their Chairman.

Then they needed to vote on what for the last 13 years was just a procedural matter - reappointing John Jackson as the Board's attorney.

The board went into the back room to discuss - and emerged a full 40 minutes later with a bombshell - they are considering appointing a new Planning Board attorney to replace John Jackson.

In the Fall, the Planning Board put out their usual RFP asking for bids for Planning Board Attorney. For years and years - only 1 bid was sent in, and every year John Jackson was re-appointed and served the board faithfully. The deadline to send in bids was 12/15/17. Part of the RFP mentions criteria such as:

  • Professional experience of the individual(s) to be assigned, including a list of experience with Lakewood and/or experience with other municipalities.
  • The award of this contract shall be made to the person or firm submitting the proposal which is deemed to be that which is most advantageous to the Township, price and other factors considered.
  • Qualifications of the individuals who will perform the services and their experience and familiarity with Planning Board matters.
  • Experience with Lakewood, and/or experience in the applicant’s field of expertise.

On 10/12/17, John Jackson sent in his bid mentioning his 13.5 years as the Lakewood Planning Board attorney and his vast experience with both Lakewood and with Municipal Land Use law. 

Excerpt from John Jackson's proposal

Suddenly, out of left field, a proposal surfaced at the January 9th meeting from Ian Goldman. Ian is a criminal defense attorney whose only experience in land use was some time spent on a zoning board. No one knew about this proposal before the meeting on January 9th because it didn't exist yet!! With a deadline of Dec 15th long gone, Ian craftily drafted a proposal which he pre-dated to December 7th, and then the Township stamped it as received on January 9th 2018! 34 days after it was supposedly written and 25 days after the deadline! 

Ian's proposal - fraudulently pre-dated

We requested proof that Ian's bid was submitted on time which of course doesn't exist since it was not submitted on time!

Ian Goldman - Criminal Defense Attorney
John Jackson's proposal
Ian's proposal

John Jackson's rate is $138 per hour and Ian comes in at $180 per hour. 

Ian has an office at.....2105 West County Line Road Suite 3 - the same building and Suite as the infamous Adam Pfeffer from Levin, Shea & Pfeffer. Adam served on the density subcommittee to help his clients get their properties rezoned. Adam presents many cases to the Planning Board and wants to have his office mate up there helping him out. In case that address sounds familiar, it is also the registered address for GDMS Holdings - the developer who owns Eagle Ridge Golf Course!

Ian is the Attorney for...the Lakewood MUA run by Justin Flancbaum (who colluded with developers to increase density on the Master Plan). Guess who is on the board of the MUA? Yup, good ol' Ray Coles!! Ray and Meir Lichtenstein together were active in pushing for higher density on the Master Plan and were so upset when Louie Follman forced some positive changes into the plan that they kicked him off the board!

Sources say that Ian Goldman, Flancbaum and Pfeffer are best friends and went to Betzalel Hebrew Day School together. At a recent Bris made by Adam Pfeffer for his son at Eagle Ridge, Justin and Ian were both given honorary positions

While Ian may be a fine criminal attorney and can help out the many criminals on the Lakewood governing bodies when all of their scandals are finally investigated, he has no experience litigating land use law. 

Oddly, Ray Coles is strongly pushing to throw John Jackson out and put in Ian. Perhaps they feel that they need an attorney who is friends with Coles/Flancbaum/Pfeffer so that all of their developer friends can get whatever they want in full control of the board. 

After much deliberation, the board appointed John Jackson for just that meeting and will now meet with each attorney - allegedly to see which is more qualified. This is a horse and pony show as it is quite clear that John Jackson is extremely qualified and that Ian Goldman is extremely unqualified for this role (again - keep him in mind for when the township and board officials get indicted). 

This is an extreme injustice being carried out - all to give Justin/Lichtenstein/Coles and yes - Mizrachi (!) an insider that they can count on to bend the law their way. Don't worry, the VAAD is there behind the scenes - looking out to screw over everyone in Lakewood, corrupt action by corrupt action. Yes, the VAAD has their hand in this cookie jar too. In the recent Amnesty program, they recommended using none other than....Ian Goldman!

Stay tuned to see who will be appointed. 

VAAD recommendation to use Ian Goldman

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