By: takebacklakewood | October 23, 2017

Final Master Plan Vote on Wednesday October 25th at 6:00.

Official Summary of changes

At the October 3rd meeting, the Planning Board voted to have T&M draft significant changes to the Master Plan. Those changes were strongly welcomed by us.

Alas, T&M Associates (The 'Professional Planners' tasked with drafting the Master Plan) answers to a higher power! Although they received clear instructions by the Planning Board, T&M went off and befuddled their instructions as per secret instructions given to them by the person who really controls them. See below for how T&M manipulated the planning board's instructions.

Planning Board vote: Dualize Cross , Prospect and Massachusets, add turning lanes to Rt. 9 and only  afterward change the zones in those areas.

T&M Result: Widen or dualize, Cross (from the corner of Cross and Mass-Jackson), Prospect, Mass and Rt. 9. 

The Problem? They could technically widen each of those roads by 1 foot and call it a day. The were told we need to dualize, not 'widen or dualize'. Why the switch?? Also, why only dualize Cross until Massachusets? There is a huge buildup on Cross approaching Rt 9!! (Hint - Satmar built close to the road on one side of Cross and MIZ owns property on the other side). Further, Ray Coles slipped up and admitted that the ordinances are all drafted by T&M and ready for a 1st reading on November 2nd. What happened to waiting for the widening/dualizing? Why are they secretly drafting ordinances to change the zones already?  


Planning Board vote: 

Remove all duplexes from the Cross Triangle and make them R-12.

T&M Result: There is still an RM Zone that they left which allows duplexes. Further, they manipulated Eagle Ridge to be simply a small reduction in density. 

The Problem? Eagle Ridge and the RM section of the triangle can still become duplexes, contrary to the planning board's vote. With the current wording, they can still build many hundreds of duplexes on Eagle Ridge. 


For the answer to these burning questions, you can call Justin Flancbaum or Yechiel Herzl. However, they are only puppets. Call the puppet masters directly - Ray Coles (yes he's up for re-election only days after this whole charade where he has been secretly pulling strings to get this rammed through). 

Oh and and if you want the one who is really pulling the strings? For that you need to call He Who Must Not Be Named. 

He has been extremely active in every single aspect of this Master Scam. Whether it's because he owns part of Eagle Ridge, or thinks it will boost BMG's enrollment numbers, or just because he thinks that the more people that move from Brooklyn to Lakewood the more his power and following will increase. At the end of the day, even HE was forced to make major concessions in an effort to get this passed. 

Come to the meeting on October 25th for the final vote - and speak up to make sure that T&M doesn't get away with their sneaky changes. 

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