By: takebacklakewood | April 12, 2018

When the Master Plan was passed last fall, a key argument made by Lyin Brian was that in order to fix the roads we need increased density. You see, the developers will pay impact fees that will allow for bigger and better roads and less traffic. Yes, this Chelmite argument claimed that more density="less" traffic.

The Master plan was pitched as the solution to Lakewood's traffic problem due to the Impact Fees.

The Master Plan further called for Transportation Improvement Districts (TID) to be enacted in just a small part of Lakewood. At our request, a later amendment required TID's to be enacted throughout Lakewood before certain zoning rules would take effect.

But wait!! Impact fees had not yet been enacted! We asked how they could pass a master plan that increased density without enacting the offsetting impact fees. Further, once all of the zones are changed, developers can get approvals grandfathered in before impact fees are enacted!

So what was the solution to this glaring problem? Ray Coles made a strong promise that as soon as the Master Plan was enacted, they would work to quickly pass the impact fees that they'd been dragging their feet on for so long. With these reassurances, the master plan was passed.

Fast forward months later....and where are the promised impact fees?? Who will pay for all of the new roads if the Township refuses to assess impact fees? Wasn't the entire pitch of the Master Plan in order to assess and collect impact fees for roadway improvements?

Next, in the Cross Street area many zoning changes were proposed. At the last minute thanks to Louie Follman, there were restrictions put into place. Specifically, the zoning changes would only take affect once the roads in the area were fixed up and operating at a level C or better (including Route 9!) This proved to be a real winner. While some thought we'd actually get the developers to not finally push for better roads, instead, they threw up their hands and gave up. They know good and well that these roads will never be fixed to the extent required in the Master Plan. Rather than try to finally do something good for this town, the devious developers are now working on a crazy plan. 

They are actively looking for large schools to act interested in buying up land in the area. Then, they plan to pressure the Township that it's better to change the zoning to allow high density than to allow the schools in.

So for all those who believed Lyin Brian's claim that allowing density will cause the developers to pay for road improvements, and for all those who believed Ray Coles promise to finally enact Impact Fees immediately after the Master Plan, I have a bridge to sell you! 

To add insult to injury, at the last Township committee meeting before Pesach, the committee voted on raising a 7.5 million dollar bond to pay for Road improvements. Where the devlopers get off scott free, the tax payers get to pay for the roads instead....

Ray Coles: Where are the impact fees????

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