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Please attend the meetings and speak up to stop the high density building!!

All meetings are at the Township Building at 231 3rd Street

The best way to stop the high density building is for the public to come to the meetings and speak up. We need to make our voice heard and tell the committee that the high density building needs to stop. No more variances!!!! See the homepage for a detailed write up on how the meetings work.

How do the meetings work?

All meetings are at the Township Building at 231 3rd Street

Planning Board meetings start at 6:00 PM and Zoning Board meetings start at 7:00 PM:

The agendas are posted on the Township website but I will post them here on the meetings tab. I will list the amount of variances that each application is requesting and point out which applications should and can be stopped. The meetings start off with some administrative stuff and eventually get to the Public hearing portion. Each application is brought up one by one and the lawyer and planner for the applicant will get up explaining how it makes perfect sense to squeeze 10 houses where there is only room for 5. Then the Board President will say "Is there anyone from the public that wishes to be heard on this application". At that point, anyone from the public can get up and approach the microphone and have a chance to speak about that particular application. For the applications that I bolded on the meetings tab, we need to get up and speak. We need to tell the board that the applicant is requesting variances that we don't think should be approved. It primarily affects the neighbors who will hopefully be there as well but it also affects everyone in Lakewood as the out of control building is causing our traffic and congestion to get worse and worse. After a number of people get up and speak opposing the application, it is very likely that the application will be denied. The meetings take approx 3 hours so be prepared to spend some time there but hopefully as we are successful in getting application after application denied the developers will realize that the old days are over and they will stop requesting so many variances and only apply to build what can reasonably fit on the property. At the end of the meeting, they will open the meeting to the public where anyone can get up and speak about anything that they want for a max of 4 minutes each. There again we can get up and request that the board enforce our laws and ordinances and not grant variances to developers.

Township Committee meetings:

The meetings start at 7:30 PM and usually last only 40 minutes. It is important to be on time. Really early on in the meeting the Mayor announces that he is opening the meeting to the public and each person can speak for up to 4 minutes and the public portion will be closed after 1 hour. Please prepare a 4 minute speech to the committee. Ask them what they can do to stop the planning and zoning board from approving high density applications. Ask them to enact ordinances that tighten our zoning laws. Ask them why we allowed so many houses to be approved in the south side of town (Oak/Cross/Prospect areas) where thousands of homes will soon be built. Ask them why they approved the Oak Street Core ordinances and what they are going to do to stop the planning and zoning board members who are looking to increase the density to allow 225,000 residents. Ask them why in the world they think we can handle more building and why we are approving developments with hundreds of houses marketed to NY residents. We need to have speaker after speaker get up and hammer these points home to get the township to actually act.