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Please email the Township Committee members and let them know that this town is at capacity and we need to stop the high density.

If you know any of the Planning or Zoning Board members please speak to them and tell them that enough is enough. This town can not handle the number of new houses that the developers want to squeeze in.

The Master plan committee is critical. They are in the process of drafting a master plan that will guide the planning and zoning board for the next 10 years! See below for the Master plan committee and subcommittee members.

Township Committee:

Mayor Ray Coles rcoles@lakewoodnj.gov

Menashe Miller mmiller@lakewoodnj.gov

Meir Lichtenstein  mlichtenstein@lakewoodnj.gov

Albert Akerman    aakerman@lakewoodnj.gov

Mike Delia           mdelia@lakewoodnj.gov

Zoning Board

Abe Halberstam, President
Meir Gelley
Obed Gonzalez
Hal Halvorsen
Moshe Ingber
Moshe Lankry
Avraham Naftali
Judah Ribiat

Mordechai Gross

Planning Board

Yechiel Herzl, President

Eugene Cautillo

Justin Flancbaum
Louie Follman
John Franklin
Israel Grunberger
David Hibberson
Eli Rennert

Angela Zografos
Albert Akerman


Master Plan Committee:

Avi Verschleiser
Steve Secare
Theresa McNeil
Bill Hobday
Meir Lichtenstein
Moshe Glieberman
Thomas Henshaw
Moshe Lankry
Menashe Miller
Shalom Landman
Ben Heinemann
Nechama Morgan
Mike Mclaughlin


Master Plan Subcommittees

Housing Density

Moshe Lankry, Chairman
Nechama Morgan, Vice Chairperson
Mike McLaughlin
Moshe Gleiberman
Avi Verschleisser
Shalom Landman
Adam Pfeffer
Noreen Gill
Larry Simons

Parks & Open Space

Bill Hobday, Chairman
Ally Morris, Vice Chairperson
Nechama Morgan
Yitzy Levi


Steven Reinman, Chairman
Mike McNeil, Vice Chairman
Ally Morris
Moshe Gleiberman
Adam Pfeffer


Ben Heinemann, Chairman
Moshe Lankry, Vice Chairman
Steven Reinman
Mike McNeil
Abraham Bernstein

Land for Schools

Moshe Gleiberman, Chairman
Avi Verschleisser, Vice Chairman
Moshe Lankry
Nechama Morgan
Mike McLaughlin
Bill Hobday
Noreen Gill
Larry Simons
Jack Mandelbaum

Traffic Control/ Infrastructure Repairs & Improvements

Nechama Morgan
Justin Flancbaum

Senior Community Needs

Bill Hobday, Chairman
Mike McLaughlin, Vice Chairman
Ben Heinemann
Moshe Lankry

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